BuiltFM was a new podcast and the brainchild of host David Gee, a respected technology expert and entrepreneur from the UK. The show highlights the rugged and unfiltered stories behind digital products and the people who make them.

We were brought on to help develop a bespoke Visual Identity to represent the show.


The ambitions were high for BuiltFM. Podcasts are a growing medium, and the competition for attention is significant. For a show that wanted to stand out, we knew they needed a visual identity to match. Something different. Something special.

Creative Direction

The client wanted a design that was simple, flat, and minimal – but didn’t want it to feel overly polished.

We needed the identity to embody the scrappiness of the builders. The concept of the show was realness, not just glamor.

The concept was Architecture meets punk rock.

We wanted to visually express the concepts of architecture and building, married with the attitude of punk rock.

Visual Identity

We went exclusively with a bespoke wordmark. It’s effective to reinforce the name, and draws connection towards attitude over symbolism.

The icon variation features an unexpected line break that reinforces the disregard for perfection.


The vibrant, expanded color palette allows for diverse, attention stealing executions.

This is achieved while also ensuring high accessibility through the primary black and yellow pairing.

Video Graphics

The show intended on adding video to the podcasts for YouTube. We developed graphic templates to accommodate multiple guest formats. These unique templates provided an elevated look beyond a Zoom call.

Promotional Graphics

To build a podcast, you have to promote your content through social media. We developed promotional graphic templates to promote individual episodes. These templates featured variations for multiple guests with pictures or without pictures.


BuiltFM is steadily growing, becoming an even bigger platform for David Gee’s content distribution. The high-end, bespoke executions separate BuiltFM from the competition, while elevating the brand and its perception. The identity system and full suite of assets provides a strong foundation for the BuiltFM brand to grow across channels, while maintaining consistency and creative excellence throughout all executions.


Agency Hypnotize Brands
Creative Director Philip Agnello
Designers Mahmoud Jmal, Esraa El-araby