Elwood is a digital platform where artists and musicians can connect, collaborate, and create content in real-time.

When we first met, Elwood (formerly was an early-stage music tech startup looking for help to clarify and define their story.


Commonly in the music tech space, there is a lot of overlap between products in different categories. This is a challenge and opportunity, as your choice of positioning will greatly impact the expectations of your product, and how that is framed in relation to the competition.

We began with our normal approach, utilizing the four areas of understanding philosophy. Upon developing a strong idea around the product and business, market, competition, and broader environment. We recognized the main challenges would be differentiating the brand and projecting a clear path forward.


On its most basic level, the product is made for people who make music. But we needed to dig deeper into what motivates recording artists and what holds them back.

We were able to establish the main goal for recording artists is attention. They want more fans, more awareness.

And the 3 biggest barriers they face are lack of time and money, industry connections, and marketing skills.

This gave us greater context to define our audience, their biggest pain points, and position the platform in a way that resonates with our target market.

We painted a simple picture of how the platform can help an artist reach their goal – more fans – while overcoming their biggest challenges.

1. Artists connect with other artists (Industry Connections)
2. Artists collaborate online in real-time (Resources)
3. Artists share their collaborative content (Marketing boost through network effect)

The platform also had many monetization opportunities along the way. But we needed a way to anticipate and prioritize these opportunities to maintain focus.

We developed a 3-Phase plan that provided both a practical roadmap, but also a clear narrative for growth and expansion.

Phase 1: Connection + Collaboration
Phase 2: Content and Distribution
Phase 3: Monetization

Additionally, the brand pillars we developed would provide a rubric for consistent, aligned decisions.


Following the update to the brand strategy, we were tasked to develop a new creative identity and website to reflect the refined direction.

We developed a creative strategy that was centered around the concept of diverse collaboration. Bringing together seemingly opposite, divergent sounds and imagery to create something new and unique.


The Elwood logo is highlighted by a bespoke wordmark. The offset “O” provides a sense of coming together, and is subtly reminiscent of two whole notes. The horizontal extension of the “e” creates an adaptable graphic element that can be extended across various creative mediums.

Texture + Photography

The identity relies heavily on texture to illustrate diverse artists coming together to create something unique and incredible. Inspired by visual artists like Craig Black, we used images of liquid paint being mixed together and customized them to the Elwood color scheme.

We wanted the visual identity to really showcase the  platform artists. We defined 3 types of photos that we would use. BTS/Recording, Promotional, and Performance. This would help ensure consistency as the creative executions expand.

Verbal Identity

We crafted copy to articulate the positioning of the company that could be deployed across various mediums and marketing applications. We wanted to make sure that we spoke in a way that was clear to our market: artists and musicians. To further this, we avoided traditional marketing language and leaned towards the vernacular of the music industry.


Along with the new identity, we created a new website for Elwood. We designed, wrote the copy, and developed the site on the Webflow platform.

The fast, responsive, interactive site features custom graphics and images, and showcases the incredible textures and creative use of stock photography.


While the aesthetic results of the new identity are impressive, it’s the planning and thought “under the hood” that made it possible. The updated positioning and narrative, along with the exceptional creative execution, gives Elwood the strong foundation it needs to amplify and accelerate its growth.


Agency Hypnotize Brands
Strategy Philip Agnello
Creative Director Philip Agnello
Senior Designer Effie Ryu
Designer Irish Mendoza
Website Designer Irish Mendoza
Copywriter Philip Agnello